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With what little there is

With what little there is  when life hands you lemons  and all you have is a cup of sugar you make do with what little there is  and hope for something sweet to come from it. You might not get what you originally wanted but with a little imagination and lot of hope you can make something special.

I won't frown

I won't frown, no matter what life throws my way.  I'll keep a positive attitude, and smile through the tough times.  I won't let anyone bring me down, no matter how hard they try.  I…

Fix it

Fix it. Fix it now before it's too late, its not just a crack in the wall, not just a hole in your floor, its a sign of the Apocalypse. Fix it now,  before it burns down. Fix it before the leak …

Be deliberate

Be deliberate in your actions, Or they'll become unplanned and haphazard. Pace yourself and don't rush things, Or you'll end up regretting what you've done. - by Meshach Owolabi

It's like a weight I can't shake

It's like a weight I can't shake. It's like a anchor that won't let go. It's like the ground thatgz slipping from underneath me. I don't know what to do. It's like a weig…

I need a pain killer

I need a pain killer To take the pain away From my aching head And from my aching heart  I need a pain killer To take the hurt away

Life is precarious

Life is precarious, we might not make it out alive, time is fleeting and we don't know how much longer we have. Everything seems like it could be over any time. But if we just take things one da…

Water spouts

Water spouts, like elegant swans, dart out of the water; their brilliant colors excite the eyes. Watch them as they flow into the ocean, keeping their graceful forms.

Take this chance

Take this chance To do something great And leave your mark On this world Before it's too late Don't let this opportunity pass you by Seize the day And make it yours

Her name is Grace

There is a beauty in her name A delicate balance of strength and fragility Her name is Grace There is a power in her name The ability to lift up and encourage Her name is Grace There is healing in h…

Swimming Upstream

It's not easy swimming upstream When everyone else is going downstream But I'm not like everyone else I have to go my own way It would be so much easier To just let the current take me But I…

Peace inside

I find peace inside When the world is shaking And all I want to do is hide I find peace inside In the middle of the night When I'm holding you tight I find peace inside

Push me down

Push me down, Thrill me with the feel of dirt, Soil me with your touch. I need to be nearer to you-- Bury me in your arms. Promise me that you'll never let me go, And I'll gladly sink into t…

It's Friday night

It's Friday night and I'm feeling alive  I'm ready to paint the town red  I'm gonna let my hair down  And have some fun  I'm gonna let loose and just dance  I'm gonna flirt a…

Make up your mind

I can see it in your eyes You're undecided And I don't know why You can't make up your mind Is it me?  Or is it something else?  Whatever it is,  Just tell me so we can fix this.  I need…

There is a victory to be won

There is a victory to be won And we will never give up We'll keep fighting until the end Until our last breath We'll never back down We'll never give in This is our time This is our chan…
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